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Welcome to ARUGGERI.COM, 2009 Edition

It's Back... Bigger, Better, and Badder than Ever!

I've recently (2007, hence the graphics) undertaken a substantial redesign of the site, among other things splitting off separate sites for different types of content. Of course, you will continue to find the kind of priceless autobiographical information you have come to love right here, at the parent site.

I have also taken the opportunity to upgrade the site's base infrastructure to a Master Pages scheme running under ASP.NET 3.5. Since I only run the entire application development activities of a financial software company, I figured it was time to get off my ass and give my own site some attention. The old design has been added to the History page. I'm planning a switch from VB.NET to C# later in 2009, just for the hell of it.

If you are wondering what's up with the aruggeri.com/anthonyruggeri.com multiple personalities, I replaced aruggeri.com as the official domain due to spam issues, but retained the site name, and I may switch back.

Be sure to visit these other fine sites for additional content:

www.jurassicpizza.com for my digital photography work
www.deisub.com and www.ds2music.com for my ongoing projects in electronic music
www.psychoticfern.com for my online gaming persona
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